• Soccer / Football
  • Futsal
  • Rink Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
(the software is similar in all sports)


+ than 50 applications in just one software


  • Drills and Tactics Editor (create statics drills)
  • Drills and Tactics Editor (create animations/videos)
  • Export statics drills of the Drills and Tactics Editor
  • Export animated videos of the Drills and Tactics Editor


  • USB flash drive (3GB space - your "dropbox" on the platform)
  • My Data (create personal data user)
  • My Contacts (create unlimited contacts and send emails)
  • My curriculum (registration the season in each team)
  • Personal Organizer (create and registration all user and team events)
  • Favorites (create folders for saving drills, trainings and graphics drills)
  • Scouting (create of the team scouting reports)
  • Scouting (create of the player scouting reports)

FULL MANAGEMENT TEAM (Planning and Management Team)

  • Planning of the Season (create Macrocycles, Mesocycles and Microcycles)
  • Competitions (create and assign specific criteria for each of them)
  • Matches Calendar (create the matches calendar of the club and opponents)
  • Tables (access to all tables and classifications of the team)
  • Statistics (access to all statistics team, attendance and players)

LIBRARY (Methodologies, articles, doc. work)

  • Enter "CURRICULUM" for everyone to see
  • Download and Upload documents in the Library
  • Courses and Formations
  • Community Documents


  • Affiliate Program (earn money by recommending the software)
  • Own platform of affiliate management
  • Free access to online training conferences
  • Access to all the Tutorials
  • Online tech support 24/7

COMMUNITY VIDEOS (Share videos, trainings and/or works)

  • Watch youtube videos on the platform
  • Share youtube videos on the platform


  • Possibility to save in .PDF
  • Possibility to print in paper format
  • Unlimited space on the CLOUD of the platform

TEAM (Full Control of Team Data)

  • My Team (create a team and a squad, insert a logo)
  • Players (create the players as well every detailed player registration)
  • Attendance (an attendance management to the training session and an access to every statistics)
  • Training Sessions (create complete training sessions WITH drills)
  • Training Sessions (create simple training sessions WITHOUT drills)
  • Create Training Sessions templates, 100% customized
  • Pre-defined training sessions (Favorites)
  • Copy, duplicate, and edit training sessions
  • My Matches (a total and/or a general competition control in the matches)
  • Calls (Create calls to the macthes)

SHARES CENTER (shares between software)

  • Seasons
  • Team
  • Competitions
  • Matches Calendar
  • Squad
  • Player Sheet
  • Team Statistics
  • Player Statistics
  • Attendance to the Trainings
  • Calls to the Matches
  • Pre Match Reports
  • Match Reports
  • Training Sessions
  • Custom Training Units templates
  • Scouting (team reports)
  • Scouting (player reports)
  • Individual Form of User Data
  • Personalized Drills
  • Personalized templates of the Drills
  • Drills Database
  • Static Drill of the Drill Editor
  • Personal calendar contacts

FORUM (Space of sharing and clarification of doubts)

  • Participate and comment on the forum
  • Create posts on the forum

the club send /share the data of the players, competitions, etc ...

the coach will get all the work much more easier... and vice versa.

Are you a modern and sophisticated COACH? Imagine you arrive at your club and ask them to send you/share the data of every players, competitions, rankings, statistics, etc., etc. No longer need to fill in all the registration, because once you receive it, AUTOMATICALLY you get all the data and information on your software.


Choose the plan that best fits your situation

a) Each PLAN includes a number of teams that can be operate and active simultaneously.

b)DOES NOT EXIST ACCUMULATION OF TEAMS BETWEEN PLAN. If you have an active plan and do the renewal (same plane) or upgrade (another plane) the number of teams does not accumulate and will have the number teams of the new plan (either the same, whether more or less teams) .

c) If you RENEWAL (same plan) will renew the current plan for over one year (356 days), having the same number of teams. Renewal may make the account at any time, accumulating the remaining days of the previous package, the new (eg if you have 150 days of use left and make Renewal Account, will stay with the same teams and 150 days + 365 days = 515 total days of use.

d) If you UPGRADE (another plan with more teams) will replace the current plan (the period of 365 days will be counted from the date of the upgrade) and the number of teams will become the new plan. Recommended to upgrade after ending the old Plan, so do not miss the days of using this plan.

Eg. if you have a plan of 1 team and want to increase to 2 teams will need to upgrade to the plan 2 teams, if you want to increase to 4 teams will have to upgrade to the plan of 4 teams, etc..

e) If you DONWGRADE (another plan with fewer teams) will replace the current plan (the period of 365 days will be counted from the date of donwgrade) and the number of teams will become the new plan. Donwgrade is recommended after ending the old Plan, so do not miss the days of using this plan.

In Donwgrade (another plan with fewer teams), it is recommended that the user choose which team will stop working in order to make the closing of the season, getting the data is always available for consultation.

f) All Plans have a duration of 365 days and may be updated (Renovation, Upgrade or Donwgrade) by the user at any time.

g) The Coach-Helper.Com does not provide any data and/or information of its users to third parties. All data and information of users are protected by international laws.

h) Sharing of data and/or information between users is the sole responsibility of those (either the sender or the receiver of those shares).

i) By subscribing to our Digital Content, you assume your consent to the loss of the right to free resolution (Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of February 14 - Portuguese Law).


a professional software to your needs


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